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Posted by on Jul 26, 2014 in Graphics


Pro Presenter is the presentation tool we use for all our campuses and within each of our departments.  From Statik to GoKids at Rock Island, Bettendorf, QC West and Vida Nueva.

Pro presenter was developed by Renewed Vision.  By far the post powerful and easy to use presentation software for houses of worship. Pro Presenter can be used in either a Mac or PC environment, however, we have chosen to use an all Mac platform as our presentation OS tool of choice.

Below you will find the Pro Presenter 5 manual for those that enjoy reading tech manuals.  Enjoy:

Pro Presenter 5 Manual

We also know that many, enjoy simply watching a good tutorial online, with a mocha frapuchino at your side.  Well, lucky you.  The folks over at Renewed Vision of put together a few Basic & Advanced tutorials for your enjoyment.  Have a look at all “THE BASICS” first.  Then, click away at “WORKING WITH SLIDES”,”BEYOND SLIDES” and finally, yes you’ve reached it….. “ADVANCED TOPICS”  Wow, your fancy now huh…..

Please look over the basics as long as you think you need to get a good conceptual knowledge of them (till you kinda get it), then you’ll bring those new brain cells over to one of our presentation booths and train away (goof off till you get caught).  I didn’t till you nothing.

Pro Presenter 5 Online Video Tutorials :0)

Now…. there exists those few, who like to travel in packs.  Commute in packs.  Even hunt in packs.  Those that hit the Red Robins with a stealthiness that only  velociraptors can equal them.  To those, we have an on hands, in class, full of the corniest most intellectual jokes ever from our Media Director (Adrian Campos),  on campus training.  Yeah baby, four times a year or once every quarter (which ever comes first)

We’ll post the next training and information below.  Next one is coming up, in late October 2013 (tentatively).