Thank you for your time, effort and willingness to join our worship team.  Please take the time to fill out your online worship application, this tool will help us to get to know you and serve you best within our worship team.


Your online application to our worship teams is an easy two step process:

01 Fill out the Form with all the necessary information so we can get to know you and serve you best.  This is necessary for both Music & Tech Worship Teams.



If you are a Music Worship Team applicant, send us a link to a video recording so that we can see you sing and/or play your instrument. You can send multiple videos if you have multiple instruments to showcase. Note: We realize that most people don’t have the equipment to do a fully produced video. Any kind of video that would give a decent representation of you is sufficient, even from a smartphone or computer webcam. Only one video submission is required, however you are welcome to post two additional videos below.

or – use the Audition Resources to prepare one song to present at one of our upcoming group auditions.  Contact Darci here, for dates & times.