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The Events Calendar Pro

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The Events Calendar Pro

events calendar proWhile integrating our to our mobile app, we noticed we had a few issues with our RSS iCal feed from The Events Calendar Pro.  In the end, we had to jump through a couple of hoops to make our website calendar and our mobile app calendar talk nice to each other.  Well, the kind folks at were kind enough to give us credit for working with them to fix this Tweak.

Thank Events Calendar Peeps.  You guys rock.


Binaural Recording – WHAT?

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Binaural Recording – WHAT?

This was very cool.  I’m wondering if we have stereo audio in our worship center now.

Modern Family Shot Entirely On iOS Devices

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Forget about Burberry ads shot entirely on iPhones.  ABC shot an entire episode of Modern Family o iOS devices.  Here’s the article:

This is awesome. :0)


Buckhead Church Control Room

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So, ran into this control room sequence from Buchhead Church and I wanted to share it with y’all.  Lot’s of fun, great stuff Buckhead.